Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Owl Consulting have specialist knowledge and experience in two distinct yet interlinked fields of practice which include:

For more information, see Consultant Profiles.

  1. Book an Appt or Contact Us via website (by client)
  2. Reply email / call / video consulting to discuss / clarify project requirements (by SOC)
  3. Reply email to clarify / confirm project requirements (by client)
  4. Issue of Client Contract (by SOC)
  5. Return of signed Client Contract (by Client) and engagement commencement
  1. Book an Appt or Contact Us via website (by client)
  2. Reply email / call / video (brief) conversation to book an initial coaching session (by SOC)
  3. Client reply and confirmation (by client)
  4. Health and Wellness Coaching commences (by SOC)

Our pricing can be tailored to suit your personal or organisationally based budgets and preferences, be it a fixed hourly rate or a custom pre-defined pricing schedule.

Whatever brings the greatest value and convenience to your consultative process or health coaching, we’re happy to find a structure that best suits you.

Our latest consultation and coaching pricing scheme can be downloaded here.

We accept Direct Deposit (Electronic Fund Transfer) and Square Online Payment Links.  See details on Invoices.

We offer both in-person meetings (within Perth, Western Australia) with appropriate Covid-19 social distancing, as well as telephone or online teleconsulting through either skype, microsoft teams or zoom meeting platforms.

We recognise the often overlooked value and importance of having both a healthy workforce and purposeful organisation, and not just focusing on one to the detriment of the other.

It is for this reason that Smart Owl Consulting offers a customised advisory service to help you and your business reach its potential.

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