Project Title: Livestock monitoring systems for enhancement of farm management

Objective: As part of the CSIRO’s Agriculture Strategic Investment Projects 2015-16, Smart Owl Consulting (SOC) was asked to identify business opportunities that existed in implementing future livestock monitoring systems while factoring in potential technology and human barriers.

As part of the business case for ongoing R&D funding and/or commercialisation of emerging research-based solutions, SOC provided an evaluation of mainstream and emerging technology capabilities at the time, and aligned them to transformative potential for the future management of livestock in Australia.

With agriculture an already active adopter of information science in many aspects, it was an honour to be able to collaborate on a sustainable farming systems project of national significance.

Project Title: Healthy Parks

Objective: yStop is an emerging force in the building of the data-rich community of the future. The distributed deployment of yStop’s patented street-side smart furniture sensors are now deployed in public and privately operated businesses throughout Australia.

Leveraging the capabilities these IoT (Internet of Things) waste monitoring, environmental sampling and other data aggregating devices offer, Smart Owl Consulting (in association with Webble Guys) have partnered with yStop to promote public health program interactions within council operated jurisdictions as part of their local government public health plans.

The ”Healthy Parks” collaboration is designed to deliver a community driven public health strategy through the use of award-winning health and wellbeing platform WebbleMove!

Project Title: Membership engagement and strategic planning

Objective: Smart Owl Consulting was contracted by the Floreat Surf Life Saving Club (FSLSC) during the 2017/18 summer season to identify additional ways for the organisation to engage with club members and develop club enhancement opportunities.

Situated at the iconic Floreat Beach, FSLSC has a long history of community service by keeping the beach safe for beachgoers since 1947. With a membership of over 500 people, the club prides itself on being family friendly and an active life saving focused partner of the wider community.

Capitalising on the increasingly accessibility of technologies to enhance club communication and member services, Smart Owl Consulting’s appointment sought to make FSLSC an organisation that continued to meet member’s changing needs for the foreseeable future. A customised club member engagement survey, interviews with key organisational stakeholders and embedded engagement within the FSLSC over a three-month period informed the production of a comprehensive Member Engagement Report.

Presentation of the report’s findings to the club’s board with interactive discussion, assisted in providing clarity and ensured appropriate strategic direction for the organisation.

Project Title: The Secret Lives of Parents

Objective: Nutshell Pictures is an emerging production company creating content that enacts positive change. Following a media career spanning 30 years, award winning producer Suzanne Vinton set up Nutshell Pictures to tell the heart and mind-changing stories not often heard.

As a sub-brand transmedia product, The Secret Lives of Parents (TSLoP) is a socially impactful media project, with the mission to support parents as they navigate the most responsible job on the planet!

As principal research consultant to this project, Darren offered the production team effective guidance on investigative strategies used for the development and production of this unique range of media formats aimed at uncovering and offering insight into a diverse range of parenting challenges faced by modern families.

Working with a broad range of academic experts encompassing psychology, behavioural specialists, and a huge cross-section of over 200 parents facing a variety of daily challenges, Smart Owl Consulting developed the data gathering tools, offered expert analysis and reported the findings to ensure stories were accurate and representative of a growing global audience of parents.

Project Title: Interactive Online Assessments

Objective: Smart Owl Consulting was contracted to help Thrive Organisational Wellness create a series of interactive online assessments for a growing diversity of health and wellbeing coaching clients.

Based upon global standards, the surveys were utilised for individual health and wellbeing benchmarking allowing for positive health change to be measured and encouraged through personalised health coaching to education sector client staff by lifestyle medicine specialists Dr Michael Newton (PhD) and Dr Steven Kiely (PhD).

Project Title: WebbleMove! technology platform development

Objective: As a co-founding director of health-tech company Webble Guys, Darren has gained a wealth of experience in health software platform development and public health program integrations.

With a strong “prevention is better than cure” approach to public health integrated solutions, Dr Webb has identified unique user benefiting markets for his company’s highly innovative software platform “WebbleMove!” with global health and wellbeing implications.

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